About us

About us

Founded in 2000, BLRT Rekato is subsidiary of BLRT Grupp, the leading industrial holding in the Baltics.

Our company operates in ship repair, shipbuilding and Oil & Gas industry.

Our customers can be sure of a high-quality and successful result of cooperation, since our personnel has a long-term experience in ship repair and pipelines manufacturing.



Our main areas of activity:
  • Manufacture and installation of alloy and stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, copper pipelines.
  • Modernization of marine fuel systems, fire extinguishing systems, ballast water treatment systems, scrubbers and other systems.
  • Manufacture, repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems.
  • Maintenance and repair of heat exchangers.
  • Maintenance of pressure vessels.
  • Manufacture, repair and maintenance of boilers.
  • Repair and maintenance of valves.
  • Production of auxiliary metal structures, foundations and railings.

More than 100 certified employees, own production, equipment for processing and manufacturing of pipelines and auxiliary metal structures secure a high-quality level, with a two-year warranty covering maintenance and repair.

BLRT Rekato is certified to the following standards:

Quality of products is tested in a certified laboratory Elme TKS at customer’s request.


To be a well-known and top demanded high-quality pipeline production service provider in the Baltics and Scandinavia.


We are constantly developing and improving our services, processes and personnel to provide our clients with quality support in implementing their strategic plans and in business tasks solving.


We strive to continuously improve the quality of products and services provided in the local and international markets through staff training and technological development of the company in order to meet the needs of our clients at the highest level and to preserve the environment.