Our Capabilities

BLRT Rekato has a production hall with an area of 6,420 m2, equipped with a large number of specialized machine tools for manufacturing pipelines, profile structures and metal processing.

Our main areas of activity:

  • Manufacture and installation of alloy and stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, copper pipelines.
  • Modernization of marine fuel systems, fire extinguishing systems, ballast water treatment systems, scrubbers and other systems.
  • Manufacture, repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems.
  • Maintenance and repair of heat exchangers.
  • Maintenance of pressure vessels.
  • Manufacture, repair and maintenance of boilers.
  • Repair and maintenance of valves.
  • Production of auxiliary metal structures, foundations and railings.

Production hall is divided into the following sections:

Section Floor area, m2 Crane lifting capacity, tons
Stainless steel structures
processing and manufacturing section
932 1 х 3,2
Steel pipe processing
and manufacturing section
2 039 4 х 3,2
Valve repair and maintenance section 750 1 х 3,2
Heat exchangers and boilers
maintenance section
1 819 1 х 3,2
Lathe section 310 1 х 3,2
Hydraulic systems manufacturing
and repair section
570 1 х 3,2

Our list of services also includes:

  • Sandblasting and ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding.
  • Mechanical, plasma and oxyfuel gas cutting of pipes, profiles and sheet metal.
  • Bending of 60 – 245 mm diameter pipes with 3 – 12 mm wall thickness.
  • Bending of sheet metal with length 350 – 3 500 mm and thickness 3 – 12 mm.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing and acid treatment of pipes up to 13.8 m in length.
  • Quality control of welding by radioscopy, ultrasound and pressure test with pressure up to 300 bar.

Quality of all products is tested in a certified laboratory Elme TKS of BLRT Grupp at customer’s request.